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Stack Testing Trainingthoughout Southeast Asia
Distributor in Malaysia: Apex Instrument Inc. (USA) IMR Environmental Equipment Inc. (USA) 
US EPA Method 5 sampling train for isokinetic sampling

Welcome to Chimney Testing Enterprise!

We offer training on how to do stack testing thorough Southeast Asia. We provide consultancy and expert witness services too.

We do not offer stack testing services.

industrial smokestack with black smoke and blue syk
isokinetic sampling meter console and pump

Authorized Distributor of Apex Instruments

Apex Instruments manufactures high quality chimney/stack/source sampling equipments. This equipments are used to sample emissions from chimneys to verify compliance with environmental laws and calibration of CEMS and more.

US EPA Method 5 Sampling Train Aer Sampling S-28 Set

Equipment from Aer Sampling available here too

Aer Sampling is a manufacturer and worldwide vendor of Source Sampling Equipment. This kind of equipment is used to do isokinetic sampling of emissions from industrial smokestacks and to calibrate Continuous Emission Monitors (CEMS) etc.

IMR equipment authorization certificate

Authorized Distributor of IMR Environmental Equipment, Inc.

IMR is  one of the leading manufacturers worldwide for portable and stationary flue-gas analyzers. Their product range also includes leak detectors for combustible gases and refrigerants, thermometers, manometers and anemometers.    

Useful Links

United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) Air Emission Measurement Center (EMC):

Department of Environment (DOE) / Jabatan Alam Sekitar (JAS), Malaysia 

Malaysian Standard MS 1596:2003 (Confirmed 2013) 

Determination of Concentration and mass flow of particulate matter in flue gas for stationary source emissions

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